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Smartphones:::Browser Wars

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

well,so wats this hype all about??yep,getting da world in ur hands,vying to capture da entire webpages similar to dat of its desktop counterpart.well,so who's won da race so far??
Opera/Pocket IE/ThunderHawk/Opera mini/Minimo/(no netscape)??Nymore exists??
Well,lemme give my experiences::I have tried all of them(hacked into da full versions)!!

N heres' da verdict::Opera 7.60 TP* wins da race(not 8.0 cos its a trial and I enjoy full 7.60 still,will tell u how).

Opera 7.6 TP is released for free untill Nov 2005.(u can use it still by ticking da date back to <2005 Nov and enjoy the solid browser for free!!)
The pros r dat it got built in Opera Web Accelarator(for free) which loads pages in a giffy!!
The cons being::no download capapbility(no proven download capable browser yet),unable to save images.

Opera mini is free though,lots of power packed:: good for viewing text enabled sites(images too).

Pocket IE::: yep,with few tweaks,you can use this pretty useless browser for some niche features like downloads n stuff.(tweak using smartexplorer)

ThunderHawk:::Pretty good for a browser with some creative features like screen zooming n stuff but all in all a hefty price to b paid in the end,so use opera for free!!

the browser of debate these days::yet to succesfully integrate with our smartphones(pocket pc users r lucky),i beta tested it with version 0.013 n it showed google with no difficulties.Its still under development:::it will create history cos its opensource(freeware).

Hope u enjoyed my Browser discussion,keep an eye for updations!!Next to follow::my favorite applications on my favorite phone!!

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