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Remote Desktop Mobile on Windows Mobile Phones

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The complete guide to Remote Desktop Mobile!!I tried it successfully in Windows XP and Vista environments on a WM5/WM6 device.Sorry for the poor video quality - I used N80,Cingy 8125 & iSight to picture the whole story.Hope I delivered the idea precisely :)


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Best Workplace on planet Earth :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Semister-ends are too restless and I found this cool workplace wherein all the employees did a video shoot and emerged successful in the very first take,YOU ROCK!!

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WM6 Sync with Mac OS X - Free MS Exchange Server

Monday, April 09, 2007

Missing Sync has done a great job with WM5 synchronisation services but they refuse to port the same app to WM6 devices - they say that no 'Real' WM6 device has ever been released but thousands of devices at XDA Devs are powered by mighty WM6!! Well,so what about us,Mac users? How can we sync our devices for appointments and contacts (mail and files follows!).Well,I have been using a practical solution - A free MS Exchange Server with which you can ActiveSync your Windows Mobile on the go with WiFi/3G/GPRS/EDGE!!

This guy,Austin provides this free service (MS Exchange Server).Check it out at www.Port88.org .Signup for this great service.Shoot out any questions just in case ;)

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Monopoly (game) on Windows Mobiles

I chanced to download this game and boy,it rocks! I bet its an absolute stunner - porting a board game to a QVGA screen is not an easy task but the developers at ATARI did it! Have a look at my video below wherein I demonstrated this app (its an isight cam capture,sorry for the quality :( ,anyways have a great time till we meet again!) Download it >>here<<

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Free Microsoft Voice Command 1.6 Windows Mobiles

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Voice Command is a real stunner as it processes sound inuts in real time,aint' it?I sorta tweaked and played with it in this video. You can download it for free from XDA Devs. I installed Voice Command 1.6 US on a WM6 HTC 8125. Voice Command is improving on agreater scale.It can now read SMS,Calendar appointments and even open applications for yo - everything instantly!!

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DeepFish from Microsoft and Minimo 0.2 from Mozilla released!

Microsoft's Labs unveils a new product 'DeepFish' which renders the web pages optimized for the small screens,the way ThunderHawk does.Dont' know why they mimicked ThunderHawk but all in all its released for testing recently.On the other hand, Minimo 0.2 was released after a long gap and even the latest Mozilla release doesnt' react properly on my WM6 device. Mozilla has this resource hog issue on PCs,Macs and PDAs!!Enjoy the preview of DeepFish.Minimo review follows if it impresses me on the second trial ;)

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HTC Wizard (8125) and WM6 - A Perfect Combination!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Have been using Windows Mobile 6 on my device(s) HTC Hermes (8525) and HTC Wizard (8125);thanks to http://xda-developers.com for their support. Windows Mobile 6 on Hermes is not a finished product but Wizard rocks with WM6 installed on it! Installing WM6 on Hermes is a piece of cake whereas Wizard needs a guide to be followed -Strictly :) I tried Xplore 1.1 version of WM6.

In the video you can see Vista like interface.I liked it (freeware).Have a go at it here.Post a comment for more info ;)

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Free VoIP calling over WiFi for Windows Mobile 6 PPCs

Monday, April 02, 2007

I just got my brand new HTC Wizard (8125) and I wasted no time instaling WM6 ROM (Faria's version,No VoIP support in this ROM as of now).The guys over at XDA Developers work hard / fast / better than the guys at MicroSoft. Why should M$ wait so long (till iPhone is released??) to release WM6? XDA guys managed to release it though with their own special menus ;) : They are the best cooks!

So,are you geared for free SIP calling?Have a quick look at this post.I am on way to test this feature but few exams and work pressure is not letting me explore them to the fullest as of now :( .Anyways,Im going to post the screen shots once I test it myself.Until then,have a rocking Mobile6athon!!

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