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CIngular 8525 HTC Hermes TyTn Cheap Deals

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hi all!Its been quite a while since I blogged and here is the reason for it - I moved to the U.S for higher education purposes;currently pursuing my M.S in C.S Networking.My thirst for Windows Mobiles grew even more here,but in the Pocket PC front.Im longing to take a new cingular connection - looking for HTC Hermes (Cingular 8525) device.The problem here in the U.S is the deal price - Cingular currently quotes it at $399 while Amazon quotes it at $199 after rebates.
The figures seem very interesting but the real FIX is the data plan.You are forced to take a data plan which makes the minimum monthly plan amounting to $80 and that is ridiculous for a mobile enthusiast college student like me :(

A cool review from JustAnotherMobileMonday.
Unlock your Cingular 8525 / HTC Hermes / HTC TyTn device for free.

Best Deals so far...
Amazon.com @ $199 after $25 rebate (Data Plan Compulsory)
Cingular.com @ $399 after $50 rebate (Data Plan Optional)
RadioShack.com @ 299 No Rebates (Data Plan Not Required)
PriceMatch Amazon prices @ Cingular authorized stores for the best deal!

Please comment any good deals if you find.This post will be constantly updated.

Finally bought a Cingular 8525 at a Cingular store price matching RadioShack's $299 deal!!
Cingular Store @ Eatontown New Jersey (Tom is the executive)....Try your luck ;)

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