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Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Applications (Typhoon)

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Well,I have been successfully using WM5 ROM by Ronswens and am happy to say that I'm a happier customer of HTC Typhoon (bought it on Jan 2005) .WM5 ROM really outshines WM 2003 SE ROM.I started experimenting heavily using this ROM and am successful so far except for A2DP profile thingy which may be sorted out pretty soon by Ronswens!!

I have compiled a list of applications which I have been successfully using for quite sometime now.Feel free to add your fav. apps to this growing list of WM5 apps::

  • Agile Messenger : Good old messaging client (Yahoo,MSN,AOL). =>Download<=
  • TCPMP Core Player : The best media player (AVI,MPEG videos created using Lathe). =>Download<=
  • Opera Browser 8.60 : A full review is pending on this niche product!!Thank you Opera for the ultimate experience! =>Download<=
  • Opera mini 2.0 : The world's best light-weight browser(lesser memory occupied) with download capabilities which also enables us to save images for the first time in Smartphone history! =>Download<=
  • Minimo 0.015 (working Partially) : Doug Turner needs to work hard on this splendid product.Its in an early beta stage,hence not running to its fullest potential in my Typhoon!!(Download the CAB file and extract files using WinRAR.Copy the extracted folder to your phone's storage card and launch minimo.exe file) =>Download<=
  • SlovoEd English Dictionary : Well,this app. really rocks!!I would recommend you if you are a student(prep for TOEFL/GRE/College/School) or a job holder!!The entire dictionary in one slim device,dats what is innovation!! =>Download<=
  • SmartExplorer : This app plunges the loop hole in wm smartphones by enabling us to transfer files via Bluetooth. =>Download<=
  • SpHelper : This is a nifty utility which enables you to run Pocket PC apps. in a rather friendly manner ;) I found it useful when am using Minimo,Opera 8.60 PPC Browser. =>Download<=
  • Tweaks2k2 : Are you so lazy to manually RegEdit your smartphone to achieve few important tasks??Well,this app. is for you then!Have a go at it!! =>Download<=
  • XBar 3 : This tiny app helps you copy/paste,launch/close apps and a lot more!An must use utility!! =>Download<=
  • Pocket Controller Professional : Well,from now on,I will be posting screenshots of apps running on my Typhoon and its possible using this app. alongwith MS Power Toys. =>Download<=
  • ClearVue Suite 2.41 (SmartPhone) : I had to open few important word documents and then began my journey to Zero-in on a fine app for this purpose.Though the Zooming feature needs to be worked a bit,its a better option for the time-being!! =>Download<=

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Windows Mobile 5 on HTC Typhoon a.k.a Krome IQ700

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm very excited to say that I have been successful in installing Windows Mobile 5 on my Windows Smartphone.I had to wait for so many days to test WM5 and finally,here I am,posting my 10 day experiences with this new ROM.

Firstly,if you are interested in trying this out:::
Backup your exisiting WM2003 ROM using the steps explained here.
Now,you can go ahead and download the latest version of WM5 from ronswens site(Version 4.1).
Ronswens described installation steps in great detail here.

Version 4.1 of WM5 for Typhoon is released pretty recently.I tested Version 4.0 and here goes my observations::
1)Pretty few amount of RAM(only 33%==5~6MB) is available when the phone boots.You can use Celetask(long press Home button) to close the unnecessary apps. and refreshing the memory.
2)When I use my phone as Bluetooth modem,sometimes it throws error msgs.We need to retry few times before we can connect.USB modem works fine though!!Bluetooth modem behaves properly at times!!
3)Cool new features added(few important apps. such as CeleTask,WMP10.0,... and the menu is changed too.You need to experience the new feel!!

Finally,I can now boast of using Opera with download manager.That means,I can download files directly to my phone,no more relying on PockeIE.I will discuss more about installing that version of Opera in my next post!!

p.s::From now on,I'm going to blog on apps. running on my WM5 enabled Typhoon.

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Opera Mini 2.0 Improved Features (Review)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Opera plays a silent cat's role by releasing a 'pepped-up' version of Opera Mini.I have tried it on my HTC Typhoon and was taken aback on its improved feature set!Some of the changes are::

1)A revised UI(minor change)
2)Better Navigation(Smooth scroll)
3)Image save option(PIE opens up)
4)File Download option(Partial Implementation)
5)Option to Add Different Search Engines in UI
6)Slightly faster Operation(Overall)

The much coveted feature::Download Option was missing for Smartphones to date and Opera Mini tries to fill this void.Hmm,we couldnt' yet see the 'Transfer' option as in Symbian versions of Opera.In this version of Opera Mini,whenever we try to download a file/image,the control is transfered to Pocket IE and the download commences there itself.You should use SmartExplorer to download a wider variety of files (*.cab/.zip/.rm/so on...).Much about that in my next post!!
Thank you Opera for this productive and free release of Opera Mini 2.0!!

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