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ActiveSync your Smartphone over Bluetooth

Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm bored of ActiveSyncing my mobile over USB.Let's use BlueTooth(BT) instead!I have used HTC Typhoon with WM5 ROM and Microsoft ActiveSync 4.2.I never knew that it would be so easy to setup BT for ActiveSync.Ok,lets get started....

1)Lets allocate a COM port for the connection.On your PC,click on Start->Control Panel->BlueTooth Devices->Options (Check on "Turn Discovery on")->COM ports(Add -> Check "Incoming(device initiates connection)Note the COM port no.(Make sure it is less than 20)->Ok

2)Open MS ActiveSync 4.2,on the File menu, click Connection Settings.Select Allow connections to one of the following. Choose the COM Port with the number you noted in Step 1 Set up a Bluetooth COM port.Click OK.

3)We are all set to go.Open ActiveSync on your mobile.Click on Menu->(#7)Connect via BlueTooth.Voila,You are connected now!!

So,now we are able to Sync our profile wirelessly!!Btb,Bluetooth is slower compared to the evergreen serial cable ;)

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My Experiences with WM5 ROM on HTC Typhoon

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I have been using my Typhoon for quite some time now,one and a half year to be precise.To be honest,I loved my Typhoon more than any other phone I used till date but that soon died away with the release of Magneto a.k.a Windows Mobile 5 ROM enabled phones.I was desperate to try this latest innovation on my Typhoon but in vain.I managed to lay my hands on a 'so-called' wm5 ROM but I heard that there were many flaws associated with that ROM!!

I kept on researching for a far more compatible ROM on my Typhoon untill I laid my hands on Ronswens' WM5 ROM v4.0.I had to perform a ROM backup 'cos Krome guys would not provide me a ROM to download @ Krome.com.au I loved the WM5 ROM on my Typhoon more than anything else. After a week's usage of this ROM,Ronswens released an enhanced version of wm5 ROM;v4.2.This version blends perfectly with my Typhoon.

Few of my observations with this splendid ROM ::

1)This ROM is cooked from a leaked version of the Magneto which had a problem with memory management (Memory Leaking).

2)Soon after I reboot the phone,I'm left with 9.25 MB of free RAM left.This free RAM goes on decreasing while you use so many apps that are installed on your phone.To get the RAM back to healthy levels,you need to use CeleTask(Long Press Home) -->Menu-->5-->3 (free memory).

3)Camera application is inherited from WM2003 ROM,so ailry good quality of pictures!!Wanna check the quality of Pics :: www.kirankonathala.com

4)I have compiled a list of Apps which are compatilbe with wm5 enabled Typhoon.Check them out here.

5)Battery backup after installing WM5 is quite good too.I have a full one day's backup even after general use of GPRS,CAM,Calls,...

6)I can now use Opera 8.60 (ppc version) for downloading stuff directly to the Mini SD card.

7)A clean and new GUI with WM5!!The all important Windows Media Player 10 rocks on my typhoon!!

8)I use my typhoon as a bluetooth modem.The only problem with this is it sports Error 777 when I try to dial it.Resolution::Toggle bluetooth using Bluetooth toggler (found in accessories).If it doesnt' work,we need to restart the phone.It should definitely work now!

Bottom Line :: WM5 v4.2 is still due from Ronswens.It is supposed to be A2DP enabled ROM.Eagerly waiting for it.....

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Linux port to HTC Smartphones

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Well well,Kudos to freelancers.Linux on windows smartphones :: hard to imagine but they have implemented it partially and the final version is still due. This release is not for the faint-hearted,beware!!

Currently,the status of the project is as follows::
General Status in progress booting to userland on initrd
Framebuffer done panels for other models to be added
USB done
IrDA todo need to update the OMAP driver
Bluetooth todo
mini-SD todo update OMAP driver to support short registers
GSM in progress char device interface, few commands tested, needs blocking I/O and interrupt mode
Audio todo try to reuse McBSP and audio drivers
Keypad done
Leds done
Power Managementtodo lcd backlight, keypad light, power button, sleep modes

If you wanna try this ROM image,you can download it here.

Learn more about this project here.
Will be updating this post once the full release is prepared!!

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