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Free SMS to Indian mobiles (GSM & CDMA)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I have tested many a number of websites offering the so called "free sms to any mobile" in India :: The first such website being Krify SMS,it ceased to function at all times from then on.Then came SMS Junction which lacked CDMA support.The site im going to tell about is AtroChatro which is weirdly named for the purpose.This site supports both GSM and CDMA mobiles and the success rate of the messages getting delivered is also high too!!One of my favorite features this site dons is SMS content branched under Romance/Fun/Naughty/....They are all user contributions and they really rock.Have a look at this new kid on the block @ www.atrochatro.com
UPDATE:So,is this site stopping u from sending more than 5 free sms/day per IP??Try using a proxy address,u may now spam ur friends!!Please dont' use this for any unlawful means,thank u!!

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HTC Typhoon Bluetooth Modem

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Yeh,I know dat every smartphone user is aware of the bluetooth capabilities of their phone.Lemme narrate my experiences,probably you missed a feature or two out of your BT!!Well,my krome iq700 aka iMate sp3 has done a wonderful job as a bluetooth modem.It never acts rude,I use it as modem the whole day.Only recently had I found that OBEX/push service is available in this device,i.e you can send and recieve files from/to your p.c or any other BT device.When I use it as a modem,I can still use its camera,listen to music and lot more and you can even send files over bluetooth when its being used as a modem!!The only hitch is that the file transfer speed may lessen a a bit!!Well,if you think that setting your smartphone as a BT modem is cumbersome,think again,cos its a breeze!!1-2-3 and lo,your BT modem is setup!!All you need is WIN XP with sp2 and a BT device!!Lemme know if any problems arise!!

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HTC Typhoon v/s iPOD

My mini mp3 player(match box sized,128MB) had run out of battery life and I was not
getting sleep.Wanted to listen to music but the batteries gave away.Then a thought struck me,why not use the stereo headset included with the Krome IQ700!!My Krome is loaded with a 256MB miniSD card.I quickly sent some mp3 files via bluetooth to my Krome IQ700 from my p.c.Then I switched on the windows media player 9.0 included with my Krome and VOILA!!The music was astounding,the incredible quality of the stereo phones was just amazing!!My smartphone has saved me from buying an Ipod for sure!!I listened to some 15 songs with no noticeable change in the battery life!!Kudos to my smart-baby!!

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Download HTC Typhoon WM5 ROM

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

HTC Typhoon is left out of the Windows Mobile 5.0 campaign but there are few reasons to cheer for the Typhoon owners.For quite sometime,Ive been looking for the WM5 ROM but in vain.Finally,I bumped across The Pirate bay.The ROM is up for download @ The Pirates Bay.I cudnt' download or test it cos got no experience with the torrents and seeds stuff.Anyways,Ill try n test it soon if my make(krome iq700) doesnt' pose any problems.Will be updating this post whenever improvements are made on this issue!!If anyone tried this ROM,jus lemme know or post a comment here such dat da whole community gets benefitted!!

Just found Aaron's blog on the WM5 ROM.Check it out @ Aaron's Blog.He tried this ROM it seems!!


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SGH-i310 8GB Smartphone WM5

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Oh my god,is this a phone??I have not used but the specifications say it all huh::
Firstly,its running on Windows Mobile 5.0 comprehended by an 8GB storage space??Well,this ought to be explored further!!

At a glance::
The Samsung SGH-i310 mobile phone comes with the latest version of Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphones, which allows users to view files and carry their music libraries with them. It also offers USB 2.0 and a plug-and-play feature lets it be used as a removable hard drive. As if that wasn't enough, the SGH-i310 also comes with a 2 megapixel camera with flash, video recording and playback, TV-output, audio playback, dual speakers (with digital amplification, no less!), enhanced music player function with Bluetooth stereo (intriguing!), support for MP3, WMA and AAC,Bluetooth, Picsel document viewer, USB and microSD memory card storage.
Hope I got that money to lay my hands on this beauty!!Im raring to go,yep all Gadget Freaks are!!

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Megaupload :::Wanna hack it??

Important For Download From Megaupload And Sexuploader

You know megaupload and sexuploader have many problems but "I found a way to pass over this IP-block stupidity. Go to www.guardster.com and clik the buton named "Access the Free Proxy" at the bottom of the page. Then, copy and paste the link in the box and click "I agree and wish to surf anonymously".
1.www.guardster.com click
2.select to Access the Free Proxy and click
3.Address: http:// remove and copy megaupload link and paste here
Options: No Cookies - No Scripts (X) - No Images - Hide Referrer
Hide User Agent - Hide Title - Hide Header
remove (X) from (No Scripts) it must clear and click "I agree and wish to surf anonymously" ...now Megaupload download page will open .. it is a bit slow but downloads are pretty fast.Downloads work out to be something around 100 KB/s and 25 KB/s.
(P.S::This is off-beat to be posted here but its a good hack!Found it on the web!!)

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Google Local (Maps on Smartphone)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I just ran into this application where you can view the entire U.S.A on your sweety smartphone!!I just browsed Philadelphia route maps on my smartphones!!Only U.S.A maps(routes) are currently served.Indians out there,we can zoom in to few levels of our country,no maps/routes yet.Theres' a problem viewing satellite images(jpegs) currently,hope its solved out soon!!Then we can proudly announce::"Google Earth on Smartphones"!!
1)Visit Google Local on your smartphone.
(An alternative solution::Virtual MSN which is yet to be tested by me!!Only U.S routes are supported so far.)
2)Select Audiovox as model(yep,all smartphone owners shud select this make).
3)Select Model as SMT 5600 and proceed to download(use pocket IE).
4)You will be prompted for a JAD download.(java applet)
5)The application opens in JAD explorer.Voila!!Enjoy the world on your mobile!!
Google Local

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Free Smartphone Video,Songs Resources

Well,your smartphone sports a crystal clear display and stereo phonic sound huh?Then why dont' you use it to the full?Check out the following sites which offer you free video streaming which includes movies,television,music videos,news and lots more!!
PocketPC Videos
Mobile MSN Vidz
PocketPC Media
Pocket Movies
I recommend the following media applications for your smartphone::
The default windows media player in your smartphone is a good client for streaming media!!It will make you dance for the music videos from PPCvidz.com!!
TCPMP-Formerly BetaPlayer
Pocket TV(Pretty famous)
You can also download videos from your smarphone through Yahoo!Video Search Remember to search for small videos in advanced settings tab!!Then copy the link from Yahoo videos and paste it in your phones' FTP client(DmanagerSP from www.pocketcafe.com).More about making this process simpler(using xbar 3.0(free),orneta notepad,DmanagerSP) in my next post.Comments are welcome..

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Smartphones:::Browser Wars

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

well,so wats this hype all about??yep,getting da world in ur hands,vying to capture da entire webpages similar to dat of its desktop counterpart.well,so who's won da race so far??
Opera/Pocket IE/ThunderHawk/Opera mini/Minimo/(no netscape)??Nymore exists??
Well,lemme give my experiences::I have tried all of them(hacked into da full versions)!!

N heres' da verdict::Opera 7.60 TP* wins da race(not 8.0 cos its a trial and I enjoy full 7.60 still,will tell u how).

Opera 7.6 TP is released for free untill Nov 2005.(u can use it still by ticking da date back to <2005 Nov and enjoy the solid browser for free!!)
The pros r dat it got built in Opera Web Accelarator(for free) which loads pages in a giffy!!
The cons being::no download capapbility(no proven download capable browser yet),unable to save images.

Opera mini is free though,lots of power packed:: good for viewing text enabled sites(images too).

Pocket IE::: yep,with few tweaks,you can use this pretty useless browser for some niche features like downloads n stuff.(tweak using smartexplorer)

ThunderHawk:::Pretty good for a browser with some creative features like screen zooming n stuff but all in all a hefty price to b paid in the end,so use opera for free!!

the browser of debate these days::yet to succesfully integrate with our smartphones(pocket pc users r lucky),i beta tested it with version 0.013 n it showed google with no difficulties.Its still under development:::it will create history cos its opensource(freeware).

Hope u enjoyed my Browser discussion,keep an eye for updations!!Next to follow::my favorite applications on my favorite phone!!

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