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Google Local (Maps on Smartphone)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I just ran into this application where you can view the entire U.S.A on your sweety smartphone!!I just browsed Philadelphia route maps on my smartphones!!Only U.S.A maps(routes) are currently served.Indians out there,we can zoom in to few levels of our country,no maps/routes yet.Theres' a problem viewing satellite images(jpegs) currently,hope its solved out soon!!Then we can proudly announce::"Google Earth on Smartphones"!!
1)Visit Google Local on your smartphone.
(An alternative solution::Virtual MSN which is yet to be tested by me!!Only U.S routes are supported so far.)
2)Select Audiovox as model(yep,all smartphone owners shud select this make).
3)Select Model as SMT 5600 and proceed to download(use pocket IE).
4)You will be prompted for a JAD download.(java applet)
5)The application opens in JAD explorer.Voila!!Enjoy the world on your mobile!!
Google Local

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