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Get paid $15 for installing an App on your Windows/Symbian mobile

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who won't like cash ($15 for installation,$5 thereafter paid once every 6 months) for doing something as simple as installing a very small application which tracks your mobile usage - applications, call timers but not personal data!!Well,it might seem weird to install an application which we never really use but for a techie like me - who loves experimenting,it should not bother much! The better part is that you can uninstall it anytime you wish!

The best part : I received a cheque for $15 within 45-60 days of installing it. I installed the application,tried different WM6 ROMs on my HTC Wizard,don't remember when the application was removed but was surprised/thrilled to see the cheque in my mailbox!! This program is open only to people residing in the U.S who use selected Windows/Symbian devices.

Jump on this offer,NOW!!

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