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Free VoIP calling over WiFi for Windows Mobile 6 PPCs

Monday, April 02, 2007

I just got my brand new HTC Wizard (8125) and I wasted no time instaling WM6 ROM (Faria's version,No VoIP support in this ROM as of now).The guys over at XDA Developers work hard / fast / better than the guys at MicroSoft. Why should M$ wait so long (till iPhone is released??) to release WM6? XDA guys managed to release it though with their own special menus ;) : They are the best cooks!

So,are you geared for free SIP calling?Have a quick look at this post.I am on way to test this feature but few exams and work pressure is not letting me explore them to the fullest as of now :( .Anyways,Im going to post the screen shots once I test it myself.Until then,have a rocking Mobile6athon!!

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