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Comparing HTC Touch and iPhone has never been this fun!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

HTC releasing a multi touch device way before iPhone was about to step out to AT&T caught everyone's attention but HTC Touch is not ready for the big fight yet! A single layer of touchflo UI on top of WM6 doesnt' make it a competitor to iPhone cos' a stylus is a must for it to function any where near to the current Pocket PC devices. iPhone wins by a greater margin, touch input and sensors would be a real challenge cos' they require good amount of practice since they are Unique features ;)

I tried creating a video showing some if not all the differences between the two devices. I used iMovie HD and spent 2 days aquiring the videos,converting,slicing,editing .. what not!! iMovie crashed heavily when I was editing and there might be few errors that creeped in the process. Anyways,try watching the video and gimme few suggestions about it - the music,the comments in the video and stuff :) I am always open to constructive criticism!!

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 1:12 PM |  

    Beautiful review, well presented.
    I saw the review for the comparison between both phones, but I found another thing interesting... the music. Which is this song?? It sounds great; nothing in common with the spanish style.

  2. Blogger kiran | 1:15 PM |  

    Arash - Tike Tike !! Google it to download it!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:05 AM |  

    that review was rubbish!!! if your gonna do a review atleast do a proper one!! i have the htc touch and i have NEVER used the stylis!! you really dont need too you, you get full internet browsing with opera 9.5 mobile and can customise the UI as many ways as you want, considering the HTC touch is half the price of the Iphone it's pretty damn good as, if you wanna compare HTC to Iphone then why dont u compare the HTC black diamond which is the much higher spec version which will beat Iphone anyday!!

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