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Same Blog,New Name : Windows-Mobiles.com

Monday, June 18, 2007

I have to migrate to Wordpress after buying http://ilikemyiphone.com

Thank you for visiting!
Kiran Konathala

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  1. Blogger Ranger | 2:11 PM |  

    7 July-Kiran: you tha man. I learned more from your video about my 8525 than an after noon spent with manual.
    I am smartphone newbie. What sites can bring me up to speed? For instance-you have Mobile V.6. I have a new phone but with V.%. Is that a problem.

    I know about "your neck of the woods". You are going to a great school.
    I used to go to Princeton.

  2. Blogger kiran | 4:18 PM |  

    Good to know that my hobby saved you some time :) With a smartphone,the possibilities are endless!! Well, you miht want to visit the links on my blog http://windows-mobiles.com for the latest in the Mobile world!!

    WM6 is fun and far more beautiful compared to WM5... 8525 is the best phone so far and WM6 will refresh ur phone usage.

    Wow,Princeton student!! Lucky you :)

  3. Blogger Mayur Vaghasia | 8:33 AM |  

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  6. Blogger Samual James | 12:18 AM |  

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