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GMAIL Stand-alone Java client for your Smartphone

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good news from Google!!Google released a Java client for Windows Mobiles.All we need to do is access www.gmail.com from pocketIE.It will give you an option to click on a link which says 'Get Faster Gmail' and the normal logon screen.Click on the former and it will proceed to download the .jad file for the same and it installs the Java client on your mobile.Everything is neatly streamlined.If you are using WM5 on your Typhoon,make sure that you copied target.img to /windows folder on phone for Java to work.The interface of the app is so cool!!Check the screeshots for a bter understanding.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 9:45 PM |  

    This client doesn't work for Samsung Blackjack... actully, none of the Java apps I've downloaded to my blackjack works. It seem's there's no setting in the configuration to allow for the app to get a netowrk connection consistently. The OS only allows for oneshot or not allowed. Quite weird actually. In fact i'm searching for a hack to allow for continued access.

  2. Blogger kiran | 11:22 PM |  

    I am not sure but I heard that Java is built in to WM5 ROM on this phone.You can try your luck using IBM JAVA on your phone instead.

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