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Linux on HTC Typhoon - An Alternative Approach

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My previous post on booting Linux might seem cumbersome to Linux noobs like me ;) hence this post.Credit goes to Apoorva for his ideas!I was desperate to boot Linux the other day and Apoorva gave me few tips which eliminated the need of a Linux PC to make a bootable image on to miniSD.Ok now lets get started::


Firstly,use your memory card reader to fill your memory card with 'zeroes'.
  • Open WinHex ->Tools->Open Disk -> Now select 'Removable Media' ->Press OK.
  • Press Ctrl + A to select all the blocks on the card.
  • Right click on the selected blocks and Press 'Edit' -> Fill Block.
  • Make sure that 'Fill with HEX Values' is 00 and dont' change any other settings and hit OK.
  • Now,click on OK on all the prompts and wait for sometime for the operation to be done.
  • Now click on File-> Restore Image -> Select the .img file downloaded from Vivien's Site and you are good to go!!
  • Now,insert the card into your Typhoon and hold the 'Camera' button towards the right and gently push the power button for half a second.
  • It will boot to a white screen,wait until you see 'SD MFG image<- Press this key Start Download Download SD image?' and push the 'Volume low' button towards the left.

There you go,you will the TUX nicely sitting on your Typhoon.This project is in development stages,hence it is recommended only for enthusiasts like me ;)

This guide also applies to HTC Hurricane and HTC Tornado.

p.s::This operation makes your memory card to show up as 14MB after restoring the image even if your card is more than 32MB.To avoid this,we may partition(15MB) the memory card and restore image to that partition. If you are done with experimenting,you need to fill the card with zeroes again and then Format it from Windows ;)

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