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WM5 Homescreens :: Dress your Smartphone today!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Should have posted this long back,anyways here you go! I have listed the best players in the HomeScreen arena below ::

airfagev (good ol' site for ya HomeScreens)
kleinweder (scintillating site which fell into the prying eyes of MS)
mobile9 (da best in business,as usual)
modaco (user contributions)
nectun (good set of themes)
jdskins (jdskins rock!)
smartmobile(good themes in th offing)

Watch out for a HomeScreen designer tool,yep you can create your own Homescreens featuring splendid images!!

Note::For WM5 devices,you can simply open the .hme file in the device and install the Homescreen on the fly!!

Enjoy Homescreening all the way!!

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  1. Anonymous FORCEFOXFIVE | 7:41 PM |  

    Where can i find the .hme file???

    Its driving me nuts!

  2. Blogger kiran | 9:34 PM |  

    A simple search for .hme files on Google :)

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