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HTC Typhoon as USB Storage yet?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Its been a long vacation!Did anyone figure out how one could use your smartphone (wm5) as a handy 'USB Storage' device?Well,after a lotta research on HTC Typhoon's front :: I landed on a no man's land I should say.We are falling short of USB function drivers which are Hardware dependent.

Interestingly,WM5torage works just fine with Motorola MPX 220 and not with Typhoon brand of phones :: Ridiculous,aint' it?

My Typhoon goes as far as displaying that my phone is detected on the Computer but not any further!The USB drive letter is not displayed.Hope there is a workaround soon.

For Pocket PC users (even WM 2003) can use Card Export.

Download WM5torage >>>>here<<<<(free registration required)

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  1. Blogger Saurabh Sachan | 4:37 AM |  


    i am using krome iq700 and had enuff with original ROM .. so i decided to shift to wm6 rom and managed to get it going in frst go ... now i can easily use wm5 storage and it my vista detects the it as a removable drive ... peace if u want the cab for wm6/wm5 i can post the same ...

  2. Blogger kiran | 12:38 PM |  

    Hi Saurabh! Feel free to post your wm6 ROMs and instructions here. Its been a while since I really used a Typhoon. I am using iPhone currently. Thanks a lot :)

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