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Multi-Touch Mobile Phones

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well,we have seen Apple already and here you can see an interesting approach to multi touch technology.More than one touch inputs are definitely gonna make our life a lot easier and much more fun!!So,can we expect this technology ported to embedded devices?Well,Jeff Han's enthusiasm has an answer to this,have a quick look at this video and decide it yourself!

Click this if video is not displayed. or you can drool over this Digged article.

Jefferson Han of Perceptive Pixel presents his amazing new human-machine interface at TED 2007.

Simply amazing Jeff!I am going to present a paper on Jeff's Multi-touch input in our Technical Communication class,lets see how well it goes!!But this really is an amazing technology in the making!Sources say that the devices 9touch inputs) are ready to be shipped ;)

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