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CorePlayer (formerly TCPMP) on Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone

Thursday, November 09, 2006

CorePlayer,an alternative media player from the creators of TCPMP is not that exciting as it first sounded!The fact that it is no longer free says it all -- updates on commercial applications take a long time as they want to release the best version unlike free versions ;)

A quick summary of the features found missing in CorePlayer v1.0 ::
1)No BenchMarking can be done using this Version.
2)Strange but true - You cannot select all the files at once to a playlist,instead you need to select each file to add to the playlist.
3)The worst part - You did all the hard work by selecting so many files,now you want to add few more files to the list,oops the previous playlist is gone with the wind.So unfriendly an app!!

It sports a cool GUI,pretty smooth I should say.Interface is neatly worked on but the features are still to come.Let's wish the CorePlayer team immense success for their future versions!!

For now,we can satiate ourselves using this free version instead.

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  1. Blogger PeckoPivo | 9:40 AM |  

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  2. Blogger PeckoPivo | 10:27 AM |  

    hey again! :)

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