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Download HTC Typhoon WM5 ROM

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

HTC Typhoon is left out of the Windows Mobile 5.0 campaign but there are few reasons to cheer for the Typhoon owners.For quite sometime,Ive been looking for the WM5 ROM but in vain.Finally,I bumped across The Pirate bay.The ROM is up for download @ The Pirates Bay.I cudnt' download or test it cos got no experience with the torrents and seeds stuff.Anyways,Ill try n test it soon if my make(krome iq700) doesnt' pose any problems.Will be updating this post whenever improvements are made on this issue!!If anyone tried this ROM,jus lemme know or post a comment here such dat da whole community gets benefitted!!

Just found Aaron's blog on the WM5 ROM.Check it out @ Aaron's Blog.He tried this ROM it seems!!


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  1. Blogger ram | 1:39 AM |  

    Does my KromeiQ700 with WM 2003 se be upgraded by this Rom?

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