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Windows Mobile 5 on HTC Typhoon a.k.a Krome IQ700

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm very excited to say that I have been successful in installing Windows Mobile 5 on my Windows Smartphone.I had to wait for so many days to test WM5 and finally,here I am,posting my 10 day experiences with this new ROM.

Firstly,if you are interested in trying this out:::
Backup your exisiting WM2003 ROM using the steps explained here.
Now,you can go ahead and download the latest version of WM5 from ronswens site(Version 4.1).
Ronswens described installation steps in great detail here.

Version 4.1 of WM5 for Typhoon is released pretty recently.I tested Version 4.0 and here goes my observations::
1)Pretty few amount of RAM(only 33%==5~6MB) is available when the phone boots.You can use Celetask(long press Home button) to close the unnecessary apps. and refreshing the memory.
2)When I use my phone as Bluetooth modem,sometimes it throws error msgs.We need to retry few times before we can connect.USB modem works fine though!!Bluetooth modem behaves properly at times!!
3)Cool new features added(few important apps. such as CeleTask,WMP10.0,... and the menu is changed too.You need to experience the new feel!!

Finally,I can now boast of using Opera with download manager.That means,I can download files directly to my phone,no more relying on PockeIE.I will discuss more about installing that version of Opera in my next post!!

p.s::From now on,I'm going to blog on apps. running on my WM5 enabled Typhoon.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:47 PM |  

    Are you able to use the a2dp profile for stereo sound over bluetooth after updating to Windows Mobile 5?

  2. Blogger kiran | 1:10 PM |  

    A2DP is not possible for the time being,cos it requires AKU2 update for WM5 ROM which aint' available for WM% ROM cooked by Ronswens!!

    Ronswens says that he is working on this A2DP thingy,so its jus a matter of time bfore which we can start using BT for stereo purposes!!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:26 AM |  

    hi friend....

    I have downloaded the rom and other files.......but still needs further help from you with regards to how to backup my current rom and then a complete detailed procedure of upgrading rom...i will appreciate your help......pls

    you can reply me at devesh_saboo@rediffmail.com
    i am desperately waiting for your mail....thk in advance....

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:08 AM |  

    I wanted to knw wether i can upgrade my imate smartphone 2 running WM2003 to WM5 or WM2003 se....if yes then plz tell me where can i get the rom n wats the installation procedure!....

    wud appreciate ur reply!....

    u can mail me at gangster.ash@gmail.com

  5. Blogger kiran | 8:30 AM |  

    Hi!Am very sorry to inform you that I never used an Sp2 device.Would suggest you www.sp3-developers.com as its the only TRUE smartphone (windows) related site.Check that out and hope you succeed..

  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 1:20 AM |  

    Could you please mail me the method for backup up a current ROM ?


    Thanks and Regards

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