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HTC Typhoon v/s iPOD

Thursday, March 16, 2006

My mini mp3 player(match box sized,128MB) had run out of battery life and I was not
getting sleep.Wanted to listen to music but the batteries gave away.Then a thought struck me,why not use the stereo headset included with the Krome IQ700!!My Krome is loaded with a 256MB miniSD card.I quickly sent some mp3 files via bluetooth to my Krome IQ700 from my p.c.Then I switched on the windows media player 9.0 included with my Krome and VOILA!!The music was astounding,the incredible quality of the stereo phones was just amazing!!My smartphone has saved me from buying an Ipod for sure!!I listened to some 15 songs with no noticeable change in the battery life!!Kudos to my smart-baby!!

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