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Opera Mini 2.0 Improved Features (Review)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Opera plays a silent cat's role by releasing a 'pepped-up' version of Opera Mini.I have tried it on my HTC Typhoon and was taken aback on its improved feature set!Some of the changes are::

1)A revised UI(minor change)
2)Better Navigation(Smooth scroll)
3)Image save option(PIE opens up)
4)File Download option(Partial Implementation)
5)Option to Add Different Search Engines in UI
6)Slightly faster Operation(Overall)

The much coveted feature::Download Option was missing for Smartphones to date and Opera Mini tries to fill this void.Hmm,we couldnt' yet see the 'Transfer' option as in Symbian versions of Opera.In this version of Opera Mini,whenever we try to download a file/image,the control is transfered to Pocket IE and the download commences there itself.You should use SmartExplorer to download a wider variety of files (*.cab/.zip/.rm/so on...).Much about that in my next post!!
Thank you Opera for this productive and free release of Opera Mini 2.0!!

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