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Linux port to HTC Smartphones

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Well well,Kudos to freelancers.Linux on windows smartphones :: hard to imagine but they have implemented it partially and the final version is still due. This release is not for the faint-hearted,beware!!

Currently,the status of the project is as follows::
General Status in progress booting to userland on initrd
Framebuffer done panels for other models to be added
USB done
IrDA todo need to update the OMAP driver
Bluetooth todo
mini-SD todo update OMAP driver to support short registers
GSM in progress char device interface, few commands tested, needs blocking I/O and interrupt mode
Audio todo try to reuse McBSP and audio drivers
Keypad done
Leds done
Power Managementtodo lcd backlight, keypad light, power button, sleep modes

If you wanna try this ROM image,you can download it here.

Learn more about this project here.
Will be updating this post once the full release is prepared!!

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