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ActiveSync your Smartphone over Bluetooth

Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm bored of ActiveSyncing my mobile over USB.Let's use BlueTooth(BT) instead!I have used HTC Typhoon with WM5 ROM and Microsoft ActiveSync 4.2.I never knew that it would be so easy to setup BT for ActiveSync.Ok,lets get started....

1)Lets allocate a COM port for the connection.On your PC,click on Start->Control Panel->BlueTooth Devices->Options (Check on "Turn Discovery on")->COM ports(Add -> Check "Incoming(device initiates connection)Note the COM port no.(Make sure it is less than 20)->Ok

2)Open MS ActiveSync 4.2,on the File menu, click Connection Settings.Select Allow connections to one of the following. Choose the COM Port with the number you noted in Step 1 Set up a Bluetooth COM port.Click OK.

3)We are all set to go.Open ActiveSync on your mobile.Click on Menu->(#7)Connect via BlueTooth.Voila,You are connected now!!

So,now we are able to Sync our profile wirelessly!!Btb,Bluetooth is slower compared to the evergreen serial cable ;)

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  1. Blogger Saurabh Sachan | 4:42 AM |  

    i have a wireless router in my house can i connect my typhoon to the wireless and acess internet ..it wud be a real help if i can do that please suggest as the option in IE show that u can connect over secure WAP ...

  2. Blogger kiran | 12:39 PM |  

    Well, since Typhoon has no wifi, we cannot do it unfortunately. As far as my knowledge goes, only bluetooth is the option..

  3. Anonymous shah | 8:37 AM |  

    Thanks for the activesync over bluetooth post. It has made life easy for me. i own an imate sp5. i have the latest rom for wm5.0 smartphone and other software such as mobile office. Great phone turned into a laptop replacement. contact me at shahsaeen@hotmail.com if you need any software.

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