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Download manager for Windows Smartphone :: DManagerSP

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm sooo used to using download client on my PC (which accelarates your download speeds) and recently I have been using a similar kinda application on my Smartphone known as DManagerSP.It does a fairly decent job.It comes handy when you need to download files while travelling.Download it here.

To ensure maximum productivity,you might follow this trick ::
1)Lookup the link for download (mp3,wmv,....) on Pocket IE.Just click on the link and then click on right soft key.You will see the address bar and the link for the file.
2)Now use Xbar to copy the link and paste it in a new text file (DManagerSP's favorites text file found in DManagerSp's installation folder @ /program files) using pocket WordPad.
3)Now you can open DManagerSP-->click on menu-->Favorites and Download the file!!

DManagerSP is the best download client for Windows Mobile Smartphone so far.
Vieka WordPad 2.9 is an equally compelling feature rich application.Importantly,both are freeware!!

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