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HTC Typhoon Bluetooth Modem

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Yeh,I know dat every smartphone user is aware of the bluetooth capabilities of their phone.Lemme narrate my experiences,probably you missed a feature or two out of your BT!!Well,my krome iq700 aka iMate sp3 has done a wonderful job as a bluetooth modem.It never acts rude,I use it as modem the whole day.Only recently had I found that OBEX/push service is available in this device,i.e you can send and recieve files from/to your p.c or any other BT device.When I use it as a modem,I can still use its camera,listen to music and lot more and you can even send files over bluetooth when its being used as a modem!!The only hitch is that the file transfer speed may lessen a a bit!!Well,if you think that setting your smartphone as a BT modem is cumbersome,think again,cos its a breeze!!1-2-3 and lo,your BT modem is setup!!All you need is WIN XP with sp2 and a BT device!!Lemme know if any problems arise!!

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  1. Blogger Chris Moonbeams | 10:34 AM |  

    Hello, Just wandering the blogosphere and happened on your blog. I like the way how you have put it all together. I'll be coming back again.


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  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:04 AM |  

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