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Free SMS to Indian mobiles (GSM & CDMA)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I have tested many a number of websites offering the so called "free sms to any mobile" in India :: The first such website being Krify SMS,it ceased to function at all times from then on.Then came SMS Junction which lacked CDMA support.The site im going to tell about is AtroChatro which is weirdly named for the purpose.This site supports both GSM and CDMA mobiles and the success rate of the messages getting delivered is also high too!!One of my favorite features this site dons is SMS content branched under Romance/Fun/Naughty/....They are all user contributions and they really rock.Have a look at this new kid on the block @ www.atrochatro.com
UPDATE:So,is this site stopping u from sending more than 5 free sms/day per IP??Try using a proxy address,u may now spam ur friends!!Please dont' use this for any unlawful means,thank u!!

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