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Opera Browser::Free for Life

Friday, April 21, 2006

Yep,you heard it right.Opera provides you with 2 absolutely free browsers for your smartphone :: Opera Mini and Opera Community Preview 7.60.Though Opera Mini works jus fine,we always need the best nah,hence the solution is Opera Browser.It works wonders on ur phone.Some of the salient features being::Multiple Windows & Mobile accelarator.The only downside being its inability to download files for which u need to take the help of PocketIE.All said and done,now we all know that Opera browser comes at a price,so how to overcome this?Well you have 2 options::
1)Download the latest version which gives you 15~30 days trial.Then after that trial period,roll back your phones date by a month!!
2)Download Opera TCP 7.60(Technical Community Preview,search on google for download or place a request such that I will upload it for you!!) and which is free for use till 2005 November.Hence install it and roll back date on your phone to 2005!!Simple huh!!Advantage of Opera TCP 7.60 is that you are provided with Opera Mobile accelarator for free which is otherwise impossible!!
Stay tuned for other free(cracked) resources for your smartphone.

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