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Free Idea GPRS Hack (India)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I was testing Idea(Tata) GPRS speeds the other day.They used to charge me 10 paise for 10 KB until my recharge balance was Rs 1.01.After this,they stopped charging me!!Yep,we can use GPRS for free after our balance reaches this golden figure!!The downside being the inability to use it as a modem(browse net on p.c).I have successfully tested this trick with Opera Browser and Agile Messenger.

P.S::This trick is applicable only to windows smartphones.I have tested it on my HTC Typhoon in A.P(hyderabad) with Idea GPRS.Other phones refuse to cash in on this trick;)

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  1. Anonymous #!$PEED@ | 5:55 AM |  

    after recharging ur idea the same usage amount will cut from ur account............

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